For pleasant memories, you have to arrange them in the beginning.

Paul Hörbiger


Romance, feelings and passion – only a few points for a fireplace. In difference to the tiled stove, the fireplace has a big plate, where you can see the big fireplace. In this case you can enjoy the flames and the fire, this provides a special feeling and atmosphere.
We offer you a lot of different products. Choose now your chimney and enjoy the unique atmosphere which is created by the flames.


A fireplace imparty every room a really romantic atmosphere. Cozy warmths spreads every where. The fireplace is a perfect alternative for the heating system between the autumn and spring.
The big screen sets the flames in a special scene and creates an optical highlight in every room. In difference to the tiled stoves is a fireplace an open system.

Tiled Stoves

A tiled stove is a cultural property – a special kind of a heat source. A manufactured tiled stove creates for hours a famous, special tiled stove heat. That’s why tiled stoves are populare sind hunderd of years – they prompt comfort and beautiful memories. Next to the traditional tiled stoves with the small doors we offer you a modern possibility with a big screen which creates a beautiful flame show.

Water Technology

If your holzer creates more energy than it’s needed, you can save this energy in different storage medias. Water is one of the possibilities. A lot of of the producers offers high quality chimneys and ovens with a water heating system. Depending on your demands we can offer you a oven or chimney which produces the needed water. The central heating system gets in case of the water technology a strong supporter.