Our History

If you can't talk about your history, you don't exist.

Salman Rushdie

The Company Arno Keramik was founded in the year 1982 by Angelo Copelli. Arno Keramik GmbH focused first on distribution and trade with stove tiles and ceramic originate from Florence. That is where the company got its name from – the river Arno flows through the center of Florence. The office was base in Müllheim.



New headquarter


Due to the steady growth, a large warehouse with 400 sqm was built in Auggen. In the year 1986 the company moved to the today’s headquater.

By this point alongside the distribution and trade, Aron Keramik started to develop the technically part of stove setting. Since then, we plan, sell and assemble the stoves directly on-site.

Our portfolio includes any types of fireplaces like tiled stoves, steatite stoves, heating fireplaces, cookers, garden fireplaces and baking stoves.

By 1992 Klaus Kopp, in the role of the manager, and Roland Müller as a stove setter master took over the management. Since then 14 trainees were educated and finished their apprenticeship as stove setters.

New Management


Expansion to France


In 1996 Arno Keramik opened a branch office in Colmar. Furthermore the status as an importer for the steatite stoves producer Nunna Uuni from Finland was acquired, delivering the area of Südbaden and France.

The second branch office was opened in Simonswald in the year 1998.

Opening a branch office